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The Nihongoresources Book

This is the dokuwiki for the first publication issue of the grammar book associated with Nihongo Resources. In addition to being published in hardcopy book form, the book is freely available for download from this site, with the content being made freely available online for consultation.

If you wish to contribute by typo-hunting, consistency checking, general proof reading, or by suggesting (in your opinion) missing content or additional example phrases or text, please contact me and I shall be happy to provide you with a login that will allow you to edit the text on the wiki. You can also leave a comment in the relevant section, which doesn't require any form of logging in or editing the actual section text.

For editors, a note on section locks: there's only one person who can lock and unlock sections, and that's the ol' admin. If you encounter a section that is locked (and is thus considered properly finalised) but still has mistakes in it, please contact me and I can unlock it for editing.

Read The Book Online

You can read all the chapters online by clicking on their chapter names in the following list:

And of course, the appendices are available in the same fashion:

And finally, not unimportant, the Glossary.

Download the book as free pdf

If you want an offline copy of the book, all you have to do is click here:

Buy a paper copy of the book! While you can download the book for free, there's nothing like having a real book to read through, too. You can buy a copy of this book online, via a number of online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The book is priced at $30.00 in the U.S. and Canada, £20.00 in the U.K. and €20,00 in Europe, although if you look around you might find someone selling it for less than that ^_^

Amazon links: US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Japan - For most people in the European region (including the UK) the best deal is probably through The Book Depository. While the book is not listed on their own site, they sell it under their amazon market place programme.


For possible future versions:

  1. Connectives a list of common connectives/conjunctives?
  2. Giongo and Gitaigo a list of common giongo/gitaigo?
  3. A workbook with exercises per major section?

A note on commenting

You may have noticed each section offers the possibility to comment on it. This should be done with care: comments are intended only for when a section is incomplete, has errors, or contains redundant information! Do not use the comments to say you like a section, or dislike it. They're not for feedback or general discussions, they're there to recommend changes to the text so that the section can be improved.

If a section lacks example phrases, comment. If the text is too complicated, comment. If you think the text is misleading, comment. If you don't like the explanation but from a grammatical perspective the explanation is correct, think twice before commenting: your opinion is fairly irrelevant when it comes to comments, only comments with suggestions on how to improve a section, or pinpointing what exactly is wrong with it, will be worked with.

That said, if you do find a section that's lacking, erroneous, or repetetive, do add a comment. It'll help improve the book for everyone.

Finally, if you want to test the commenting functionaly, please use the commenting test bed page.

Technical details

The technical details on how this Dokuwiki has been customised for Japanese, as well as for the Dokuwiki to LaTeX conversion that allows the book pdf file to be generated directly off this website (as well information on how the LaTeX conversion specifically works) please refer to the Technical details page.

If you were wondering how much it costs to offer a book like this for free on the internet, you may want to read about the financial details on writing and publishing a book like this.

License Information

All wiki content on the pages of are © Michiel Kamermans. Comment posters retain the rights to their comments, but posters understand that the improvements to the content that follow from their comments become part of the wiki content and thus fall under nihongoresources copyright. You may quote from this work, providing that proper citation is observed (one or two lines uncredited is fine, more than that and it is generally understood that you should cite your source). This website acts as the live repository for the nihongoresources grammar book, and as such should be considered a permanent draft copy of the next upcoming revision. You are not permitted to create derivative works, nor may you sell, or bundle with a sale for the purpose of enriching the sold product, the content from this website either in original or derived form. Any rights not mentioned here are implicitly reserved by nihongoresources. Should you have questions pertaining to this license, please contact me through the website.

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